I'm Maija Philip

A Web developer
And designer

and artist

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portrait of Maija Philip
Maija Philip

Some of my websites

link to old redesign with art
link to class project about sawmill restaraunt
link to a website i made about sunnyvale, ca
link to class research website about software jobs in pandemic
link to class project site about niall horan
link to minimalist redesign
a stylized drawing of me

A little about me

I’m a sophomore Web and Mobile Computing major at Rochester Institute of Technology, from Sunnyvale, California. I am really passionate about Web Design, Development, and Art.

Here’s a bit of my art

digital portrait of woman
ink drawing of three heads
digital portrait of person
pencil drawing of eyes

Unbuilt designs

Some of my designs were never built. I did a lot of practice redesigning popular websites like google or Amazon or just designing random websites to practice my skills.

stylized hello drawing
stylized cat
web design with stylized drawings
web design about cat rescue
stylized drawing of the word super
recipe and grocery list app design