Old News


Fun day at Carmel! We went to the beach with our two dogs and the dog that we were dog sitting. It was super fun, then we grabbed a snack. I had mint chocolate chip ice cream, my sister had a brownie, mom had a sandwhich, and the dogs got dried cow tendons. Jewel also got a new caller from this great dog store where we got the dog chews and a rubber tenis ball.


Working at Camp! I've been working all summer at the camp that my barn runs recently we've moved barns so all except this upcoming week has been a mix of the two camps. It's been so awesome to more in with Glen Oaks, Isola, and Core Equestian. It is always so fun to hang out with the kids and the horses. I've even found a new favorite horse that never fails to challenge me. Happy summer everyone and thanks to my new friends Natalie, Andy, Paloma, and Vienna for making camp so much fun!

Our Mission

We don't have a mission, I created this website as my personal blog/general way to put stuff on the internet. This is like my billionth site, because as well as coding, drawing, cooking, riding, etc. I also like to design, which means that I was never fully happy with predesigned sites like google sites or webnode or weebly. I also didn't want to pay money to have the perfect site. The only way posible was to code my own site. That way I could learn about coding and make my perfect website. To all you out there that don't know how to code, but want a specific designed app, website, or program, I suggest that you research and learn coding basics so that you can make your perfect thing that you desire.


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