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Maple Leaf Equestrian

I just recently created this site for the barn I ride at. It was super fun to create it and going to take pictures of the horses for the site was wonderful and super fun..


Meeples is still a little bit of a work in progress. I designed the whole thing and was present during the building, but did not build it myself. It was build by Tim Philip.

Js projects

I have an ever growing collection of javascript projects, with two standard themes. Click the button below to see the list of them and check them out.

Favorite Project

my first resume site

This was my first try at making a resume in general, but also making it in the form of a site. I still like it, but it wasn’t realistic to build at the time.

Other Projects

my first published site

I published my first site in 8th grade because I was no longer happy with programs like google sites. I wanted to customize them too much. That was when I decided to learn how to create websites.

best home site

This site was the site that lasted the longest as my home site. Most of my sites don’t last more than a month or two. I start noticing how out of date they are and realize that I can do better. This survived it longer than most.

second best home site

This was one of the more recent sites, when I experimented with fonts and stuck with the idea of content blocks. This one was little content heavy with big paragraphs, but it did have good images.