I’ve been working in html for the past 3 years. I’m completely comfortable in the language and understand it fully.


I’ve also been working in css for the last 3 years and I’m confident in it. I know how to use selectors, grid, flex, media queries and more. All of my websites are responsive, so I have a ton of experience with that as well.

react & js

I’m currently learning both of these, I’m not as comfortable in react as in just html and css, but I’ve built a shopping list app in it. I’m comfortable creating small js functions and using html Dom and some events.

A Quick Note

still in highschool

I’m currently finishing high school and then I will go to a 4 year college. This resume is purely for fun and practice I don’t actually want to be hired or considered for a position.

Fun Facts

Creating my own websites

I taught myself to design and code my own website, with the help of websites like w3 schools and have been building websites for around 3 years now.


I made my own etsy store a year ago that sells cute figurines of creatures that are made out of buttons. There are pigs, turtles, and more!

Summer Camp

I worked for 5 summers as a volunteer junior camp councilor and it was super fun. I led campers on horses and supervised them off horses.