The history of button


Button Creatures came to be, when I was bored and experimenting with hot glue and buttons. I think I was around 12. I've always liked creating things that were 100% made and designed by me. It's the same way I got into website creating. Hot glue, buttons, and creativity made each on of these button creatures. I took a break making them for a year –– I got tired of making them –– and when I made one as a gift for a friend last year, it got me back into them. My ability to keep them string free has grown and now they are good enough quality to put on Etsy.

button creauture


There is technically no "Button Creature Community" right now, but as more people find out about these adorable creations, I have no doubt that they will acquire a set of loving fans. The button creature community right now is made up by about 20 adorable button creatures set around the house. The'd love to have more friends all over the world and only you can do that. Enjoy these button creatures and post a photo on Instagram with the #buttonCreatures. If you want to be super cool, take a picture next to a monument or add the location of the new Button Creature family! Also check out the @buttoncreatres account to see button creatures in their home towns.