Amazing Until the Trail Ride


Class: Flat

Horse: Polly

let energy loose like a soda bottle slowly, not penning it up and letting it loose all at once.

We did lots of fun no stirrup work and Polly was amazing except for staying in her corners (She faught me each corner). Other than that she was great. She likes no stirrup work and so do I. We did this fun pole excersize where we cantered the pole and then we had to adjust it. I got 5 and I had to gallop to get a 4, but it was worth it. Polly got the idea when I gave her a tap with the crop and then did a jumper turn. She got moving super fast and it was amazing. For a cool out, we got to go on a trail ride. It was all super fun until we turned around and then polly was ready to go home. We were in the back, behind sprinkles, so we passed her, but I didn't want her to be infront (in case she were to bolt). I tried to stay behind godiva, but polly wanted to book it home. She bucked and bolted, bucking towards the hill. Then I pulled her to the side and she faught all the way up the hill. We went sideways up the hill and then at the top, the horses in the paddock ran to us and then finally a couple strides later I got her still. She was calm enough for me to get off, when the other two horses in the lesson, Leia on sprinkles and Suzane on Godiva caught up. I got off and handwalked her back where she had a nice bath and then got back to her stall to eat.

Sprinkles with Angie!


Class: Jumping

Horse: Sprinles

Look past your fences not at them. Add leg.

I rode sprinkles today with angie as our trainer. She set up this cool bending line that was a 1 stride to a 7 stride. Then we had to take a verticle in the middle of the arena (longside to longside) and then catch a swiss oxer. It was super fun and sprinkles saved my butt over the end of the line on one of the rounds. She was going to refuse cause I didn't add enough leg, but then she did a nice little hop over it. It was a fun lesson and we got a good course at the end.

Polly over cool poles


Class: Flat

Horse: Polly

Straight and eyes looking at next pole to get to the center. Look for your next Jump.

Angie set up a really cool pole course today. Like this:

That you had to go around like this:

It was super fun and super tricky. We did it at the trot first and then at the canter. I was lucky because polly had really nice lead changes, but on a horse like pacman and sprinkles it would be harder. We did some hand gallop too, that led to a fit of bucking from polly and spook from pacman. Ozzie however, was calm and didn't care.

Riding Angie's Horse


Class: Jumping

Horse: Chianti

Keep the horse's head up and on their haunches so they don't trip.

Today, I rode Chianti, he was super good, but needed soooooooooo much leg. I'm not even joking. He was also a giant horse and had a big stride. Fitting in the small arena was tricky with only three horses, but it was super fun. We jumped a diagonal line and I was super surprised at his giant jump. So much different than polly's. It was a super fun lessson with a soapy bath at the end for Chianti.

Lesson with Angie


Class: Jumping

Horse: Polly

Ride with longer stirrups rather than shorter

Polly was amazing, and even though I forgot my crop she listened really well. All of our canter transitions were flawless and she did them with minimal leg too. We worked on a little bit of bending and then did a small jump with a bounce pole in front of it. I kept getting the distance wrong, but she always jumped it anyway. She was such a good girl and I ended up geting the right distance at the end. :) She is a schoolmaster pony. :)

Pacman's not so great with poles


Class: Flat

Horse: Pacman

Work on teaching Polly to leg yeild.

I got on Pacman with my new breaches, may I add. :) They are awesome. Anyway he was great, if not a little lazy. Emma, my trainer offered me a crop and he perked up. I used it twice the hole lesson. :) He was such a good boy. We did a little bit of trot work, post 10, sit 5, though I forgot how many we had to sit, so I sat 10 aswell. Then we did post 10, 2-point 10, and sit 10 which Emma had me do without stirrups. We trotted over 3 trot poles and he stumbled over. I tried to adjust him better and we got one good one after a couple more fails. Soon Emma was just like, why don't you just skip the poles and canter durring them instead. Pacman has an amazing canter and his leg yeilds were so nice that I could have him do a perfect circle at the walk on a long rein. :)

From the Rider's View

Jumping with Sprinkles!


Class: Jumping

Horse: Sprinkles

I need to work on not jumping ahead.

Sprinkles was a super great pony. She wasn't very lazy, though she did do a funny thing while we were trotting. She decided that trotting was too hard so she cantered then me wanting to trot, slowed her down. She skipped the trot and went right to walking. :) Anyway, she was great and I got to work on my position instead of schooling or focusing completely on just getting the horse through the course. It was super fun. We jumped a line and I came in too slow and didn't push her enough and she half stopped infront of an oxer. Then I thought she was refusing, but then she jumped it, it was awfull looking. Then we got re-did the line and it was much better. :) Then we went on another cooling off trail ride.

Our First Riding Log


Class: Flat

Horse: Polly

We had a really good ride today, with a nice long and thourough grooming session before the lesson. I rode with Paloma and another person on Big. Me and Paloma had worked at camp the entire week and so we decided to get our horses out early because we had plenty of time. We braided them and the campers painted some horses so another friend Maya wanted to paint an eye circle and it was really cute! :) Andy braided her mane and I groomed and brushed out her tail. We got into the arena and she was great. Lots of good leg yeilds and shoulder out lateral work with such a good atitude. I got to really focus on how I should communicate with her instead of schooler her or doing a jumping or confusing flat lesson. Then when we worked on the haunches out lateral work, Polly got a little frustrated with me, tried cantering, tried moving out, closer to the rail, all except put her butt out. We worked through it though and got a couple small steps of butt out lateral movement. Then we streched out at the canter with a long rein both directions, then streched out at the walk and went on a little trail. At the end, she got a nice bath and she turned to a palomino pony in her stall. :)

Our Mission

We don't have a mission, I created this website as my personal blog/general way to put stuff on the internet. This is like my billionth site, because as well as coding, drawing, cooking, riding, etc. I also like to design, which means that I was never fully happy with predesigned sites like google sites or webnode or weebly. I also didn't want to pay money to have the perfect site. The only way posible was to code my own site. That way I could learn about coding and make my perfect website. To all you out there that don't know how to code, but want a specific designed app, website, or program, I suggest that you research and learn coding basics so that you can make your perfect thing that you desire.


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