Working at Camp!


Camp! The time has come again for me to start working at the horse camp that my barn runs. It is always so fun to hang out with the kids and the horses. This summer I started of camp on a bad foot, starting the hottest week so far. Even though it is utterly exhausting, I'm still happy to be there every morning instead of school. Tomorrow is my regular friday lesson with Leia, my friend at riding it's gonna be so fun and so hot. Happy summer everyone!



Just recently, I have graduated from middle school. While, it’s not the biggest accomplishment, it was the first graduation I remember because we didn’t have a graduation out of Elementary School. It was very fun at the actual event, though the practices were very annoying. Middle school graduation isn't that important in my mind and there's no real effects other than going to highschool instead of middle school. I'm excited for highschool, especially because the mascot is a horse. The campus of Homestead, my highschool, is amazing and it'll be so fun to spend 4 years there.

Creating too many websites!

Since the first website. RIP

Just coding my own, I created 7 failed sites, then using websites like weebly, webnode, and google sites, I have created many more. None of them looked right, none of them had personality, it just didn't look right. Now that I have this site coded, I really like it. I'm trying to add more pages so I don't get bored with it. It's a simple site, but I like it better than all the other sites I've made.