iskn Slate 2


If you personally know me, you know that I like drawing horses. I've been trying to expand that recently, not with the stuff I draw. It's still all horses, :) but with what I do with them. Until now, I've just been drawing and occasionally taking pictures of the good ones and then leaving them until there no longer good and then deleting them. I've been trying to draw on computers and ipads too, just to see if I could get a good, digital drawing however it hasn't ever worked out. I am a stickler for pen and paper, or at least, something that I can rest my hand on without it drawing and ignoring my pencil. The common Wacom tablets have caught my intrest for a couple years now. Though it was never enough for me to buy one. Durring one of my bored window shops through the apple website, though, I found a wacom tablet that used a pen on paper. There were many imperfections with the Wacom Slate, however, being the main one that you could not erase. Durring a youtube review, I was looking at the up next bar because it was so boring and I found the link to the iskn which was the first ever pen on paper transfering to digital computer wacom sort of thing. They only sell the slate 2 now which is better, obviously. I've been really looking into this especially when I found an artist who draws horses and puts them into a book of different tack and medieval where the lines were so clean between the pictures. I wanted to make something like that for my website header, but I draw really light on the outlines and so I could never darken it enought to get the background completely white.


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