Wonderfull cooking tips and fun experiments!


Tips and Experiments!


I love to cook, and when I can, I cook twice a week or more. I'm the kind of cook that uses recipes as an outline, but changes and supplements based on flavor, good mistakes, or missing ingredients. Here's a blog about how these cooking experiments turn out and tips I’ve found in my research.

super fun and simple!


super fun!



I've wanted to make something that looks pretty but also tasted good and intresting. Therefore I ruled out cake. Making cakes look pretty is a lot more than Tasty makes it look like. I also don't fancy the taste of most cakes. The tasty video for eclairs and cream puffs were quite simple and pretty though. With a little more reasearch on flavors, they were definatly the thing for me! Here's how it turned out! + 100x more delicousnous.

Tasty Water + Healthy Juice

Infused Water

Healthy Juice!!

Infused Water


I'm someone who itn't really excited to drink water. I can drink juice in one giant gulp though! :D Today I was craving something fresh and citrusy. I knew that I wanted to make infused water, but I was thinking lemons and cranberries. Quite the tart mix. I still used the lemon, but we'd just gotten strawberries and we had an orange that'd been there for just under a week. I used the whole lemon -- it was a tiny lemon. Two strawberries were added, minus the very top and bottom. Then a little less than half a medium sized orange was added. I cut everything into rings and the orange was half rings so that it would fit. The layering looked super pretty and was super easy to fill -- the first time. The later times -- I lost count of how many times I refilled it :D -- I had to use a straw to release the suction the fruits had created.

Making this I've learned many things:

+ no burning tounge

Hot Soup

no burning tounge

Hot Soup


You know that feeling when you serve your perfect, steamy, bowl of soup. The soup is going to taste so good! Then your tounge,burning, painful, tastles, tries unsucsesfully to taste the almost boiling soup.The next thing you know, you won't be tasting anything for the rest of the meal. There's a not perfect trick for that, just for when you make that mistake. Dink nice cold water, not icecubey, but cold, or a cold-medium temperature, until your tounge feels better.
To stop the problem before it even happens, you can do one thing. Make the soup in the morning. This is perfect for a soup to really stew together and also so you can really regulate the right temperature. You can leave it on a simmer until about an hour before dinner or if you notice it boiling/simmering. Then turn it off. It's a nice way to regulate the tempereature and flavor and makes dinner prep super easy!

for when your tired of just regular pasta

Pasta With More Flavor

+ More flavors!



When you cook pasta, the pasta absorbs some of the water in the pot. You can use that to your advantage. If the water is super seasoned and flavorful, you'll get a minor flavor in the pasta. Plus the big spices come along. Even the biggest strainer, won't drain away all the spcies. Especially in shell pastas. Garlic and Red Peper flakes are the traditional Italian spices to put in the water. They are collected by the pasta because of their size, so you can have bits of the spices themselves along with a faint hot garlic pasta.
Here's where I found this: Youtube: Refinery29

When you don't have eggwhites or your Vegan

Vegan Egg Whites

for vegans/no eggs



If your vegan or you just forgot to buy eggs for egg whites, I've got you covered. Do you know the liquid you drain from garbonzo bean cans? That's your special ingrediet. 2 tablespoons of it can replace eggwhites perfectly in your recipe. I've used them in the all too finicky macarons and they worked like a charm. Next time your out of eggs, try using that as a substitute! If your vegan, it makes merengues so much easier!