News about the Philip family, written by Maija


written by Maija


Embracing my interest in writing, and newspapers, this is my family's latest news written and combined to make the Philip Family Newspaper! This is mostly for friends and family, so you'll have to catch on with the names. Hope you enjoy!

Next summer Raspberries are to come

We got a planter and dug a lot!

Raspberries to come!

New Planter!


We've been planning for a long time, and we've finally got it done -- mostly. :D Roto-tilling was our plan in the beggining, but Maija and Zoe decided to have a digging competition to see how far they could get the shovel down. That turned into Zoe wanting to dig a grave for herself, l luckily the soil was wet. We ended up no longer needed to Roto-till. Zoe dug over a foot down which churned the dirt plenty! :D It was also as long and just about as wide as we needed thanks to a miscalculation on Maija's part. The planter that we've been planing, but never worked on has finally come to life and it looks spectacular. All we need to do is fill it in with some more dirt.
Speaking of dirt, it turns out that the soil we had in our own backyard was exactly what our raspberry plants wanted. It was a pH of 5.5 to 7.5 and it had lots of clay deposits. We also found some burnt wood -- otherwise known as charcoal-- we're guessing that there was a fire in an orchard around here and this is some remains of it.

New Year + Birthday!



Welcome to 2018, this year Maija will be turning 15 on Febuary 1st and in August, will get her learners permit and start driving! She is so excited. Her friend group this year has 3 birthdays throughout January with her as an honorary 4th, just one day late. They decided that they'd have a group birthday party. Everyone is super excited.

Sister rivalry!



Per the Philip Family Traditions, both girls opened one present on Christmas Eve. Kathy plans them so that they take up the whole day. It's really great. This year both girls got apple watches to track their fitness and location! They are both really excited and happy.
Zoe had a little hindrence to getting her watch working, because she had such an old iphone that it wouldn't connect! There was no doubt that she was going to get a new phone because she'd been talking about getting an apple watch ever since Kathy had gotten hers. Which phone to get? Having the allowence necessary, she decided to buy a brand new flashy 8. Now her watch is up and moving and she's going to beat us all with her extreme fitness.

Fake or Real?



A fake tree or a real tree? It's a common question these days and it has just reached the Philip's house. Tim Philip is allergic to trees and so he's requested we look for a fake tree, but traditionally, we've always gotten a real tree. I do the job every year of consistently watering the tree. It's my plant. And I don't mind in the least, watering it. A fake tree eliminates that aspect, but will also cause Tim less alergies. Typicaly, they're made of a kind of plastic, which is worse for the inviroment than cutting down real trees. Both are viable options, but I have one in mind.




It's that time of year again. The Holidays. The Philips have decorated for another festive season! With break right around the corner, the two daughters are ready to be out of school. Zoe has 2 regular weeks, but Maija has 1 week and then 1 of finals, before break. The girls are planning to make a gingerbread house from scratch this year, using their traditional Latvian Piparkukas family recipe as the gingerbread.

lots of horses!



Camp! The time has come again for me to start working at the horse camp that my barn runs. It is always so fun to hang out with the kids and the horses. This summer I started of camp on a bad foot, starting the hottest week so far. Even though it is utterly exhausting, I'm still happy to be there every morning instead of school. Tomorrow is my regular friday lesson with Leia, my friend at riding it's gonna be so fun and so hot. Happy summer everyone!

8th - 9th



Just recently, I have graduated from middle school. While, it's not the biggest accomplishment, it was the first graduation I remember because we didn't have a graduation out of Elementary School. It was very fun at the actual event, though the practices were very annoying. Middle school graduation isn't that important in my mind and there's no real effects other than going to highschool instead of middle school. I'm excited for highschool, especially because the mascot is a horse. The campus of Homestead, my highschool, is amazing and it'll be so fun to spend 4 years there.

First Website!



1-2 months ago, I started teachingmyself to code, today, I am proud to publish my first working and complete website! This website is not my first website, but go check out My First Website. Here's the origonal article:
Just coding my own, I created 7 failed sites, then using websites like weebly, webnode, and google sites, I have created many more. None of them looked right, none of them had personality, it just didn't look right. Now that I have this site coded, I really like it. I'm trying to add more pages so I don't get bored with it. It's a simple site, but I like it better than all the other sites I've made.