New Ways to Work

for software developers

Is remote work here for good? Some companies believe that it is, others eagerly look forward to returning to person.

Post Pandemic Plans

While twitter is thinking about remaining remote for the foreseeable future, Google, Adobe, and Dropbox are all planning on returning in a different way. Google is taking advantage of the limited number of employees back to working in the office to renovate and create a new definition of office life. Adobe is using the knowledge from remote work to create a hybrid office.

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Struggles of Returning to Work

Going back to work is not exciting for everyone. For some people, it’s the return of microaggressions on a daily basis, for others, it's just going back to rows of desks and being surrounded by so many people. Not to mention, the fact that not all people are coming back at once.

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What have we learned about working in a pandemic?

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