Niall Horan's


Before X-Factor

On September 13, 1993 Niall Horan was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. He lived with his brother, Greg, and his dad and was very involved in music at his schools. He was in his school’s choir and theatre, as well as writing songs and playing guitar on his own time.

X-Factor solo audition

X-factor Journey

He auditioned for X-Factor when he was 16 and made it a couple rounds before he was put into the group that became One Direction. One out of the three judges on the show voted not to send him through at the audition, but guest judge Katy Perry along with the other two judges allowed him to be put through to the competition. He ultimately didn’t make it as a solo vocalist, but the band 1D became an international sensation.

1d Final performance of ‘Torn’

Time durring 1D

When the band was first formed on X-Factor, one of the names in the running was Niall and The Potatoes, but that name was thrown out in favor for 1D. They were signed to Syco Records in 2011 and their first single made number 1 on the UK charts. They broke records from the beginning, their first single breaking the most pre-ordered single and followed it with a record breaking album. Niall’s happy giggly personality made him the favorite for celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jessie J, and Demi Lovato.

Group Carpool karaoke

Solo career

Niall Horan has found lots of freedom and happiness in his solo career. While not incredibly into song-writing while in 1D, he has really enjoyed writing his own songs and finding his own individual sound now. With the increased free time of a solo career, he was able to get into golf, founding a golf management company, Modest Golf, along with having time now to visit family in Ireland and see his friends often.

Solo Carpool karaoke