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From Mullingar, Ireland, Niall Horan auditioned to be on X-Factor in 2010 and was put into a group that was going to be called Niall and the Potatoes. Eventually, the group finalized their name as One Direction. The band was signed to a record label and broke records starting from their first single.

Within the band, Niall got to perform across the world and meet a bunch of people. He was able to be introduced to the fast pace write, release, tour schedule of a famous boyband. Everyone in the band was in desperate need of a break when the band took a hiatus.

Niall was able to use the hiatus to get more into song writing and finding his own sound. He also used the time to visit family in Ireland and have some time to spend with friends. He created a golf managment company as well, Modest Golf.

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1d ranking

  1. Harry Styles

    I think everyone can see this coming. He was set up from the beginning to be the most famous and the face of the band. On top of that, he has excelled in his solo career.

  2. niall horan

    He was always the happy one. Even when it was rough, he was the one that giggled and laughed. His solo career is also flourishing and he seems much happier now.

  3. zayn malik

    His voice is amazing and he is doing fabulous in his solo career. The only reason he’s this far down is that, he really didn’t want to be in 1D. He did not seem happy at all and being a celebrity that big is a nightmare, especially if there is no way out.

  4. louis tomlinson

    Management censored him massively and people undervalued him in the band. He makes them sound so much better in group singing and is the star of each song that he has a solo part on. He released ‘Miss You’ which was the star of his solo career, but hasn’t found his sound yet.

  5. Liam Payne

    Liam fell into the trap that a lot of people who get massively famous young do. He struggled with alcohol and was sucked into the trap of hyper sexualizing women, especially queer women. His solo career has basic pop songs with those themes, so he didn’t do very well.