Art Journey

Here’s a timeline of my art

a digital portrait painting of a person with short blue grey hair and a pill in their mouth digital portrait of the same person, but drawn with linework and blocks of shading instead of paint strokes


"drug person"

This is one of the latest drawings of mine, I’m working mostly in digital art right now, but it’s a relatively new media for me. This style of blocky shading is my current favorite style, but the cleaner line work of the second version is a fun style I’m working in as well.

a digital art portrait of a woman with black hair, cut just under her ear and a black turtleneck


"jessica jones?"

This is the first piece I did with this style. I am beyond proud of this one. It was the turning point where I finally understood how to do digital art the way I wanted to.

a watercolor portrait painting of a flea bitten grey horse a watercolor portrait of an old black great dane



This was my first official commission, which was really fun to work on. I used the box method of sketching in order to create a super precise sketch and was super impressed with how precise it made the watercolor. Usually my watercolor is purposefully imprecise.

a watercolor painting zoomed in on a person's face a watercolor painting of an eye


"time machine"

The eye on 6/22 was my first time using watercolor. Once it clicked how to use it, I was obsessed. I practiced a full portrait the next day and the day after that, only TWO days since I started with watercolor, I painted this face. I am immensely proud of this progress, but it was more intuition than skill.

a realistic pencil portrait of a woman with her head tilted back and water running down her. a realistic pencil portrait of two women looking deeply into eachother's eyes


"realistic portraits"

Throughout my years drawing, I’ve had no little to no interest in blending my shading. It takes a lot of time and I’m usually not happy with the result. Instead, I figured out how to smooth out my shading. I’ve also been practicing sketching more exactly and just zoning into my art. I’m super proud of these and how realistic they look.

a pencil drawing of a person from tiktok sitting on a low brick wall a pencil drawing of her twin sitting on the floor


"Seazynn and Railey"

These are a pair of twins I follow on tiktok. I wanted to try doing full body drawings, but I drew them to small on the page and struggled a lot with getting detail on their faces. I’m super proud of how proportional their bodies are.

a pencil portriat of an androgynous person with lots of peircings



While learning faces, I drew from my imagination a lot of the time, which means I made slow progress, but I created interesting people. I was just discovering how cool piercings look, so I added a lot.

a pencil drawing of a horse and rider jumping over a not drawn cross country fence



I was practicing shading for humans and was discouraged at how my faces were turning out, so I decided to take a break and draw this horse. It was really recharging and turned out awesome.

a pencil portrait of niall horan, only vaguely of looks like him a pencil portrait of adelaide kane, only vaguely looks like her



These were a couple of the two faces I was the most proud of after drawing a bunch of celebrities. These two are Niall Horan and Adelaide Kane. They aren’t picture perfect, but they aren’t super creepy which is a big plus for this level of drawing.

an oil pastel drawing of a strawberry an oil pastel drawing of a can of pinto beans


"oil pastels"

I had just gotten a set of oil pastels, and figured out how to use them. I drew the strawberry for my friend’s birthday because she’s in love with strawberries. The can was just sitting on the table, so I decided to draw it.

an oil pastel drawing of a strawberry


"rio olympics"

The Rio Olympics where the first time I saw eventing that was filmed really well, so I rewatched it to draw this and was obsessed with watching the cross country portion.

a pencil drawing of a horse walking, shaded using messy scribbles that give a rugged look to the horse and landscape a colored pencil drawing of a person vaulting on a horse, drawn using only circles and lines to show where the bodies are



I was really experimental around this time, trying different settings postures, and ways of shading or blocking out the figure. The one I used the most as a fallback is the messy strokes, which can looks fine most of the time, but is always quick. I also experimented with different ways of showing the figure entirely, like the other drawing.

a pencil drawing of a horse standing, shaded with big messy cross hatching a half finished pencil sketch of a horse head which unintentionally looks like a contour sketch



I was really into sketching, but not so keen on finishing my sketches. I was always ready to start on a new idea as soon as I started drawing again. Because of this, most of my drawings are just loose sketches or roughly shaded. Most of them just look half finished, but some turned out really pretty.

a pencil portrait of a horse, trying to achieve realism


"first horse"

This is what I like to call my first official drawing because it was the drawing that made me want to start drawing regularly. The big jump between this date and the last is because most of the drawings between aren’t finished. They are also pretty similar and I wasn’t drawing regularly enough for there to be any drastic improvement.