Hi I'm

Maija Philip

And I’m an artist and web developer

a digital painting of four friends with plants instead of heads
a digital portrait painting of a woman with braided hair and gold jewelry on her hair and ears
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a digital painting of a horse head inspired by criollo horses.
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Hello :D

Here’s a little bit about me

Currently I’m an 18 year old high school student who just finished applying to college. I’ve been doing art for six years now, with materials ranging from ink, pencil, watercolor, and recently digital art. For me, art is about transferring what’s in my head to a medium that can be seen by other people.

I love to try new things. From baking eclairs, to constructing a cardboard building, to painting in watercolor, being a beginner at something motivates me to work on it. Three years ago I decided to start a new project building off my interest in websites and learned to design and code my own websites. Since then I’ve made so many websites, each one better than the last.