Js Projects

I'm teaching myself javascript

I decided to learn javascript by doing small projects that taught me skills so that I could work up to more complex programs. Here’s a compiled list of all my projects. We’ll start with my favorite projects.


"tic tac toe"

This is the first project that I did. It is a 3x3 tic tac toe game where two players play against each other. It facilitates the games, showing the moves versus the open squares and highlights a player’s win.


"which fruit are you?"

This project wasn’t too complex on the coding end, it was more something that was just fun to do. I did learn about debugging arrays a little. There are five questions and at the end it sorts the user into the fruit that they fit best with.



I really wanted to design a login/sign up page, but I didn’t want to bother doing something official because I’d have to go through something to protect the data. Instead, this is a completely fake login that doesn’t log into anything and stores the login data in local storage.

More :D



I learned a lot about getting information from html elements and printing the same information back out into html elements. This was one of my early projects, but taught me valuable stuff.

List maker

I took the skills from the calculator and tried to learn the next step. I learned how to create an html element in javascript and keep track of a list. It goes away as soon as you reload the page because I hadn’t realized local storage was a thing, but it’s a cool little program.

digital clock

This was the second project I made and I learned about how to get the time in javascript. I learned how to use what the method returns and just get the part that I wanted to show. I had a little trouble with that, it was more complicated than I thought it would be.


This is just a basic program where you can type into a huge text field. It’s an editable div, so it appears as if you are just typing directly into the website, there isn’t a text field look about it. I was going to make it store what the user wrote in local storage so that it would save the notes, but I lost the main copy of the code halfway through and never got back to finishing it.