Website Journey

Here's some old versions of this site

I decided to learn javascript by doing small projects that taught me skills so that I could work up to more complex programs. Here’s a compiled list of all my projects. We’ll start with my favorite projects.



This was the last version and it stayed up for most of 2020 which might be the longest time a version of this site stayed up without being replaced. I was super interested in the new design concept of neumorphism which this was attempting to use.



This stayed up for the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, probably for a couple months which is the typical time it takes more me to get bored and make a new version. I really wanted to replace the version that I had up while I was creating this one and I was super interested in minimalist design, so it was one of the quickest sites to create and put up.



This was another version that stayed up for a long time. This version always reminds me of Breyer horses which were my favorite toy horses when I was younger. The design an energetic and a little chaotic mashup of everything, but I was super happy with it.


"parallax scrolling"

I really loved parallax scrolling and put it everywhere on this site. I was also experimenting with blocks that alternated color, so the theme was both dark and light mode. It turned out cool, but I don’t know if it was the best design choices.


"first website"

I learned the basics of coding and putting up a site while creating this site. I went from only knowing how to print a line and run an html file to being able to create a working website. I learned a lot about how to design a website as well, though this design shows themes that I brought through all my other websites.